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Testimonial Stories

From Our Community

AMAZING! Bought this for my husband, who drives OTR weekly and fights against daily back pain. Happy wife and satisfied customer!! :)

Josephine R.

Cant believe it! Went back and fourth hundreds of times, debating about purchasing the product from Zippi Freight. 100% Glad I decided to BUY it because it has changed my life, as a full-time Uber and Lyft driver I was suffering from neck and back pain. 

Robert Anderson

My husband was in a car accident couple years ago, now he has daily back problems and is truck driver. Our friend suggested this and we buy it. In about 15 days to come in.  my husband has been using it for almost 45 days and his complaining has gone down a lot.

Chandrika Singh

I have been working in a battery factory that involves daily heavy lifting. Over the 3 years of improper lifting has caused me to have minor back problems. Now during my breaks and when I sit, i make sure to rest on this. I love the sinking in feelings!!

James Ratliff

Works great! I dont have any neck or back pains, but I bought this to prevent any future issues. Not sure if the product will reduce the chances, but still comfy to use either way.

Sonali Kulkarni

My husband and I are owner-operators and run as a team cross country. I bought two sets and they work great! The only warning I have is this might be too comfy and may cause the driver to lose focus. Other than that, this is a premium quality product.

Sarah McCormick